Tech Talks

Tech Talks

Tuesday, April 25
8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Tech Talks will take place during the General Session

Three industry thought-leaders will deliver informative presentations on innovations in the cold storage industry. Don’t miss these exciting presentations to see the future of cold storage.

Energy Efficiency Advantages of Distributed Refrigeration Systems
Kurt Liebendorfer, Vice President, EVAPCO, Inc.
Distributed refrigeration solutions using factory packaged low charge technology are becoming more popular because they are an inherently safer technology and their ability to significantly reduce the quantity of ammonia in an owners facility. Another distinct advantage is their ability to provide better operating efficiency and lower energy consumption. These owner benefits will be highlighted with examples of this exciting new technology.

Cold Storage Racking Innovations
Carlos Oliver, President, Frazier Industrial Company
The bar continues to rise for warehouse operations with the evolution of customer education. Operations are challenged as customers develop their own solutions specific to their needs. While automation has the potential to be part of a solution, cost is often prohibitive. To help your company remain competitive, Frazier Industrial Company will highlight alternative approaches to logistics that can improve efficiency and lower costs.

Freezing Palletized Products
Sam Tippmann, President, Tippmann Innovation
Tippmann Innovation will explain why it is important to know your product and what it takes to freeze one type of pallet versus another. We will also explain the benefits of draw-through freezing versus traditional blast cells. Lastly, we will detail best practices for running an efficient freezing facility.