Educational Programme

The 19th European Cold Chain Conference will focus on cutting-edge solutions and innovative approaches to cold chain management. Leading industry and business experts will share their thoughts, ideas, and solutions through keynote presentations and educational sessions.

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General Session Presentations 

Salon A & B
Monday 7 March | 9:00 – 10:30

Cold Chain Industry Outlook

Thomas Eskesen, Principal, Eskesen Advisory Group
Where have we been, where are we currently, and where are we going? Three questions that will be answered by Thomas Eskesen, a cold chain expert and former long-time executive at Maersk. Eskesen will share an outlook of the cold chain industry in Europe, while reflecting on the challenges and success stories of the past.

Frozen Food Consumption

Cristian Soitian, Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a well-established market data consultant, providing realtime data covering more than 100 food and beverage product markets in Europe, North America, and other regions globally. Tracking the frozen food sector is an everyday activity for FFT – it’s what they exclusively do and they will share their insights with us at the European Cold Chain Conference.

Monday 7 March | 11:00 – 12:00

The Next Generation of Talent

Ben van Leeuwen, Transport Manager, Frigolanda Cold Logistics
Kane Thomason, Logistics Solutions – Operations Manager for UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics
Chris Menken, Project Manager, Leen Menken Foodservice Logistics

What are young professionals looking for in their careers? What can they bring to the organisation and how can we help them develop in their roles? This panel session will feature three panelists who are, themselves, young professionals working in the cold chain industry. Learn what you can do at your facility to attract and retain quality talent in the next generation.

Tuesday 8 March | 9:00 – 10:00

The Future of Supply Chain Distribution

Eric Ballot, Alliance for Logistics Innovation through
Collaboration in Europe (ALICE)
Jian Cui, Cold Chain Director,
Leen Menken, Owner & Operator, Leen Menken Distribution

The next generation of distribution models in the supply chain is here and three experts will discuss its past, present, and future. During this session, you will learn about the Physical Internet and how it will revolutionise supply chain distribution. You will hear from and learn about eCommerce best practices in China and how cold chain is playing a greater role. You will also hear from one of your own EU distribution companies about how 3PL providers
can play a greater role in eCommerce and distribution models of the future.

Tuesday 8 March | 10:30 – 11:10

The Age of Food Efficiency: Cold Chain to Reduce Food Losses

Eric Prieur, Cold Chain Sustainability Director, Carrier 

Around the world, 40% of all of our food is thrown away – food that never makes it from farm to fork. More than 50% of the food categories wasted are food types that can be extended by the proper use of the cold chain. During this session, we will explore the environmental, social, and economic costs of food loss and how the cold chain can be one of the solutions. Furthermore, the session will explain the need for cooperation between supply chain stakeholders to develop an effective cold chain.

Tuesday 8 March | 11:10 – 11:50

Creating the Global Cold Chain

Carlos Rodriguez, President, Europe, AGRO Merchants Group 

How are we reinforcing the global supply chain by building connections between countries and regions; especially within Europe? What role do those of us in the room play in helping facilitate those linkages? Join Carlos Rodriguez, European President of AGRO Merchants Group, for this interesting session on how the global cold chain is changing and how you can be an integral part of its future.

Education Session Presentations


Studio 3 & 4

Monday 7 March | 13:35 – 14:30

Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition of Future Leaders

Catharine Perry, Director of Education & Training, Global Cold Chain Alliance
Kane Thomason, Logistics Services – Operations Manager for UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics

In a recent industry survey, finding future talent was one of the top 5 concerns of cold storage companies, and developing talent was prioritized as one of the top 2 initiatives for the industry’s growth plan. Results for the global survey will be shared during this session including turnover, tenure, and training programs practiced by cold storage companies.

The Food Service & Distribution Federation of the United Kingdom hosted their first future leader competition. The winner of the UK will go on to the IARW Convention in April to participate with the other national winners from Australia, South Africa, and North America in the GCCA NextGen Future Leader competition. This recognition program is meant to highlight the cold storage and logistics industry bright, future talent. Each national winner will make a 5 minute presentation to the attendees at the IARW Convention and complete an interview with a panel of Judges. Kane Thomason will deliver his presentation to the European Cold Chain Conference delegates and answer questions in preparation for the competition.

Benchmarking Worker Health and Safety

Chris Sturman, Chief Executive, Food Storage and Distribution Federation

How have you improved and maintained your company’s health and safety performance? How are you benchmarking that information? The Food Storage Distribution Federation successfully launched the Health & Safety Leadership Programme under which companies can benchmark key performance questions related to worker employee health and safety. Learn about
those metrics and how your company can benefit from the best practices shared during this session

Refrigeration & Energy Track

Studio 7

Monday 7 March | 13:35 – 14:30

Packaged Systems for Efficiency 

Aiden Perks, Business Development Manager, Star Refrigeration

The cornerstone of recent innovations in refrigeration have been in packaged systems. Packaged systems require only a fraction of the refrigerant charge associated with traditional refrigeration systems. The systems operate using ammonia — a naturally occurring refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential and zero climate change potential. Learn about innovations in this space and what is on the horizon for innovations in refrigeration technology.

Energy Savings through Emerging Technologies

Angelo Antoci, President, U.S. Growers Cold Storage 

US Growers Cold Storage recently made capital investments in LED lighting and solar panels for their 464,000 cubic meter facilities in Vernon, California. While significant capital investments, these technologies have resulted in significant energy savings for the cold storage business. President & Owner of the cold storage, Angelo Antoci, will share their process to execute the projects and present data on specific energy savings. He will also discuss incentives and payback periods for the investment.

Transportation Track

Studio 3 & 4

Monday 7 March | 14:35 – 15:30

Zero-Emission Cold and Power Technologies

Tim Fox, International Ambassador, Dearman Engine Co. 

Join this session to explore zero-emission cold and power technologies in refrigerated transportation. Learn how the delivery of cooling can be made as efficient and environmentally sound as possible, through the rethinking of energy systems. Technologies and approaches that can capture and make use of waste cold represent a side of the cooling industry that is in its infancy but growing at a marked rate. As such, clean cold technologies have significant
potential to contribute economic stimulus. Join this session to learn why we need to be doing cold smarter, how to rethink energy systems, and learn about cooling as a service and new clean cold technologies.

Transportation Trends and Claims 

John Williamson, Director, E.L. Johnson’s Sons & Mowat LTD 

What trends is the industry seeing in damages and claims? John Williamson travels extensively and has witnessed damages and claims in many parts of the world from the UK and EU countries to the U.S., Central America, Malaysia, Japan, and both East and West Africa. Join this session to learn what the industry is talking about in terms of transportation trends in claims and how you can take action to protect your organisations.


Studio 7

Monday 7 March | 14:35 – 15:00

Regulatory Update: Cold Storage Government Affairs 

Christine Weiker, Secretary General, European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) 

What regulations are impacting the cold storage industry in European Union and what is the industry’s response to those regulations? Join this session to learn about the important issues affecting your businesses and what actions you should take to prepare to comply in the future.

Regulatory Update: Transportation and Logistics

Marc Billiet, Head, EU Goods Transport, International Road Transport Union (IRU) 

Join this session to learn about the regulatory areas which have an impact on refrigerated or temperature-controlled road transports and some of the current challenges in the European Union. These regulatory areas vary widely on many issues from market aspects, via technical requirements, energy efficiency and sustainability to security.