AOC Cold Chain Café

Monday, July 31, 1:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
The goal of the Cold Chain Café is to create an exchange of ideas and stimulate facilitated discussion on critical industry issues. Participants choose from 10 different topics, join the table at which the issue is being discussed, and spend an allotted time frame sharing ideas and experiences with others at the table.

Topics & Descriptions


Optimizing Capacity  

How do you optimize capacity within your business operation? What tools and strategies have worked within your facility to plan and facilitate customer requests to best utilize space?


Positioning the Total Cold Chain Solution

How are you positioning your company as a total cold chain solution to your customers? What words, phrases, or actions have made that message “click” in customers’ minds?


Food Safety Regulations and Compliance

How are you handling implementation of new processes, or procedures in light of new food safety regulations? What best practices can you share with your peers in the food safety space?


Leadership in Practice

How do you align individuals’ expectations with your organizational or team strategy? What talents or strengths do you rely on most in your daily life as a leader?


Increasing Profitability through Cost-Cutting

How are you controlling costs to increase profitability? Think about process improvements and low and no-cost efficiencies you’ve made that contributed to overall cost cutting.


Building Strong Teams

How are you building strong, high-performing teams at your organizations? How have you used teams at the facility and management level to advance the goals of your business?


Emerging Technology & Innovation

What technology or innovation has or could transform your organizations impact and why? Share your experiences with the latest cold chain technologies.


Successfully Managing the Trio: Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding

How are you managing the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding functions at your facilities? What challenges have you encountered and what solutions have you found to those challenges?


Reducing Energy Costs: Low-Cost and No-Cost Solutions

How have you lowered energy costs at your facilities with no capital investment? What low-cost solutions have you implemented that have provided great return in energy savings?


Mystery Topic?

Do none of these other topics interest you? Are you a risk taker and like surprises? Join this table for a special topic – one of your or your peers’ choosing.