AOC Schedule: Two Programs in 2015

Why two different educational programs at this year’s GCCA AOC Symposium?

The two programs at the 2015 AOC will give members a chance to explore a variety of educational topics relating to their most pressing business needs, including operations, administration, engineering, and transportation.

Transportation challenges have identified as a key area for many members of GCCA Core Partner associations, especially IRTA. The transportation program at this year’s Assembly of Committees meeting provides an opportunity for interested members to participate in specific, issue-driven education directly related to the most important trends and topics in temperature-controlled transportation.

The transportation program also includes:

  • A meeting of the Refrigerated Best Practices Task Force, which is at work on a best practices document regarding the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Rule on the Sanitary Transportation of Food.
  • Transportation Roundtable – Similar to an IRTA Cold Chain Executive Connection, this roundtable will provide members a platform for sharing experiences and discussing best practices related to their own business.

How will the General and Transportation Programs differ?

Members will notice differences in the programs during the AOC Symposium on Sunday. The General program includes sessions on topics in the operations, administrative, and engineering areas, while the Transportation program sessions will only focus on transportation topics.

During the Committee Meetings on Tuesday, members attending the Transportation program will participate in the Transportation Roundtable while the last round of Committee Meetings occurs. This lasts round includes the following meetings:

  • Construction/Codes Committee (IACSC-IARW)
  • Government Affairs Committee (GCCA)
  • Insurance Review Committee (IARW)
  • Productivity and Benchmarking Report Committee (IARW)

How are the programs similar?

All AOC attendees are eligible to participate in the Industry Trends Keynote Luncheon as well as the Government Affairs Luncheon. Additionally, most Committee Meetings are timed to allow for members attending both programs to participate.