General Sessions

General sessions at the IACSC Conference & Expo provide attendees a thorough look at the latest innovations in controlled environment design and building. This year’s conference will include presentations from the finalists of the IACSC Built by the Best Award as well as insights from industry experts.

Friday, November 3

9:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. | Opening General Session

Annual Conference Welcome Remarks
Brian King, IACSC Chairman, A M King

IACSC Built by the Best Award Finalist Presentations

Built by the Best: Efficient Solutions Expedite Access to International Markets
Michael Jones, AIA, President, Primus Design Services
Jim Romine, Senior Director, Engineering, Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics and Primus Builders teamed up to build a 180,000 square foot distribution center in North Charleston, SC, set to provide customers with a highly efficient solution to export proteins to foreign markets. With high-capacity blast freezing technology, custom labeling and stamping, convertible freezers between -10F and 35F and 30 dock doors, this DC has the capability to unload/load up to 100 trucks daily. Hear from the innovators behind this build as they overview their planning process, challenges and triumphs that helped to create this state-of-the-art facility.

Built by the Best: Automation and Technology Deliver a Cutting-Edge Solution
Sam Tippmann, President & Co-founder, Tippmann Innovation
Rob Adams, Partner, Tippmann Innovation
Tim Siddiq, President and CEO, Merchandise Warehouse

Innovation was key to meeting the needs and overcoming the challenges that came along with expanding one of Merchandise Warehouse’s active operations. The new 100,000 square foot convertible operation allows for a variety of clients and a wide range of temperatures, and is home to a number of Tippmann Innovations latest design and technologies under one roof. From adapting heat and smoke vents to the cold storage environment to automation features, such as deep lane, pallet moles, this team embraced their expertise to deliver a top-quality result. Join this session to learn how innovation overcame building challenges, and the process this team faced to achieve this result.

11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. | General Session

Avoiding Vapor Barrier Leaks
Jim Tomlinson, North American Refrigeration Engineer, Gordon Food Services

Vapor barrier leaks have been a well-known challenge to the temperature-controlled environment industry for many years, yet they continue to present an issue for both construction and storage companies. When dealing with inventory sensitive to the slightest temperature changes, these leaks present a high operational risk for both the safety and quality of stored products. Join this session to hear from Gordon Food Services on how vapor barrier leaks affected their plants for years, and how their solution has evolved from a response to a construction best practice.

Saturday, November 4

9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. | General Session

Know Your Audience: Research Highlights the Construction Needs of Produce Companies
Drew Yancey, President, Yancey’s Produce

The fresh produce industry represents one of the fastest growing segments of the cold chain industry and yet, it is also one of the most dynamically changing and disruptive—as Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods demonstrated. To keep up, cold storage construction companies need to understand the goals of their produce distribution customers in order to grow their business in this dynamic industry segment. But what are the construction needs and desires of fresh produce processors and distributors? To answer this question, Drew will present industry insight and research findings from some of the largest trade groups representing the produce industry.


10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. | Closing General Session

Advanced Cold Chain Solutions: A Cold Storage Feat of Stadium-Sized Proportions
Geert-Jan Laudy, Vice President of Procurement & Engineering, NewCold
Josh Currie, Senior Project Manager, Fisher Construction Group

Imagine a cold storage facility comparable to the volume of Seahawks CenturyLink Field — roughly 25 million cubic feet. For NewCold and Fisher Construction, this dream is on its way to reality after breaking ground in Tacoma, Washington, NewCold’s first North American location. With a capacity to store 103,000 pallets in phase 1 alone, the multi-customer, fully-automated coldstore will enable food producers to optimize their cold chain management with increased agility and responsiveness. Join the closing general session to learn about this advanced cold chain solution that will provide a more sustainable, traceable and fully integrated storage process for customers worldwide.