2014 Frank Vale Award Winner


Jeffrey Tusa (left) accepts the award from Martin Porter, Managing Director – Retracom Contracting.

Jeffrey Tusa, Project Manager, Polar Fresh Cold Chain Services (VIC), was announced as the winner of the 2014 Frank Vale Award at a Gala Dinner held in August 2014 at the Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia Ltd. (RWTA) National Conference and Exhibition.

When asked for his thoughts on the Award, Jeff commented as follows, “Participating in the 2014 RWTA National conference for me personally was a humbling experience, not every day do you get an opportunity to be sitting in a room filled with leaders who have helped shape our industry and speak about what the future looks like and areas of opportunity. Winning the 2014 Frank Vale award came as both a shock, and surprise at the time, as all the state finalists had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cold chain industry”.

“There were some very memorable presentations through the conference from topics such as the supply chain in Asia and the United States, through to Heavy Vehicle Regulation in our states, the Prawn Industry in Australia, and Business Fundamentals just to name a few. For me it was great to see people speak about their roles, where they fit in the chain, and most of all seeing the passion for what they do to service the growing demand in their areas. As a young leader in the industry it is encouraging seeing professionals speak about their passions, and most notably seeing their drive to change current practices for the future of the industry”. 

“On the night of the Gala Dinner, the announcement of the Frank Vale Award was initially nerve racking, however the overall experience and recognition from members of the Association, and fellow participants made the night (for me) something to remember”.  

“Retracom’s support and sponsorship of the travel prize for The Frank Vale Award is a credit to their business through recognizing young leaders in the industry. I look forward to participating in the IARW/WFLO Annual Convention and Expo in Orlando Florida in April 2015, were I will be looking to absorb as much information as possible, while sharing my experience with the team”.