IACSC Built by the Best Award Submissions

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1. IACSC Member Participation (30 Points)


2. Project Complexity (20 Points)

  • Below are some bullet points to help you formulate your answer. * Facility built to store/process specific challenging products (highly regulated, high risk of spoilage, new concept in processing or distribution, etc.) * Multi-temperature areas needed and/or extremely rigid and narrow temperature change tolerances * Extraordinary cleanliness/hygiene requirements * Difficulties encountered with regulatory agencies, during permit process or other * Other unique “very high risk” conditions, please explain.

3. Innovation (20 Points)

  • * New technologies used * Unique design features that have not been used in other buildings * Solutions to existing industry challenges * Unique solutions used to combat challenges * Does the project address specific, common industry issues?

4. Project Management (20 Points)

  • * How did the team create solutions to ensure the project exceeded expectations? * Did the project meet the timeline, budget, and goals? * Explain the customer service provided throughout the project. Client testimonials are highly encouraged.

5. Sustainability Consideration (5 Points)

  • * LEED points awarded * Energy savings

6. Contribution to Society and Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain (5 Points)

  • * Will the facility provide safe, high quality food, beverage, and/or pharmaceutical products? * Will the building provide life sciences services? * Does the project create jobs or trade opportunities? * Will the project provide significant impact to the cold chain, such as developing cold storage/processing opportunities in areas where no such treatment existed?


  • Please use the area below to include any customer testimonials you have received.


  • Three attachments may be uploaded directly via this submission form. If you would like to send more photos, please either submit a URL to a file-sharing site folder, such as Dropbox, or email a zipped file to with your company name referenced.