Cascade Energy


Cascade Energy and GCCA have partnered to offer to IARW, WFLO, IRTA, and IACSC members energy efficiency services. For more information contact Cascade Energy at +1 866 324 6403 or

Energy Efficiency Services

  • Energy Management
    Cascade provides tune-up (a.k.a., retro-commissioning) services to identify low and no-cost opportunities for GCCA members to reduce energy use of energy-using system (e.g., refrigeration, lighting, doors, chargers, under-floor heating, HVAC, etc.). Cascade also provides robust web-based energy management tools for tracking near real-time, monthly and annual energy benchmarking. The tools assist in tracking implementation of tune-up recommendations and executive management and reporting of companywide energy use and cost. The tune-up and energy management tools are supplemented by regular follow-up by Cascade energy engineers and site staff to support, educate and spur ongoing improvement. Cascade’s engineers are experts in ammonia refrigeration and all other energy-using systems in place at refrigerated warehouses. Cascade’s energy management services serve as the cornerstone for any corporate sustainability strategy.
  • Capital Project Engineering Support
    Cascade can review existing warehouse systems and identify proven, effective capital upgrades. Cascade works closely with the incumbent refrigeration, electrical, controls or HVAC contractors regarding pricing and implementation. Cascade will present the capital upgrade opportunities in a detailed, accurate report that allows executives to make an informed investment decision. Cascade sells no equipment or controls, nor does Cascade have any financial business relationship with vendors. Cascade provides objective, appropriate, proven recommendations. Cascade’s services often enable a member to qualify for electric utility incentives.
  • New Construction & Expansion Engineering Support
    For GCCA members that are contemplating or planning a new construction or expansion project, Cascade can collaborate with the member’s design team and contractors to ensure viable energy efficiency opportunities are identified, quantified and presented to the member executive team. With the right combination of upgrades, warehouse energy use can be reduced by as much as half. This process may include Energy Star or LEED certification. Again, these upgrades often qualify a project for utility incentives.