Service Partners

Global Cold Chain Alliance Service Partners offer an affinity program between GCCA (or any of its Core Partners) and a superior industry vendor. Through this relationship, the vendor is granted an official association platform for building and servicing member clientele in exchange for a revenue share allocated to the association.

Food Safety Audits, AIB International (IARW, WFLO, IRTA, IACSC)
AIB International offers all members food safety audit services and is a primary source for food audits information, including trainings. For more information, visit
Lanier Technical College Logo Ammonia Refrigeration Training, Lanier Technical College (IARW-WFLO)
Lanier Technical College offers IARW-WFLO members a 10% discount on all ammonia refrigeration classroom/lab based training courses. Courses at Lanier Tech include: Operator Level 1, Operator Level 2, Operator Level 3, Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Ammonia for Non-Operators, PSM/RMP, HazMat, and Introduction to Industrial Maintenance.
 Lockton Logo Insurance, The Lockton Companies (IARW, IRTA, IACSC)
Members receive exclusive eligibility for warehouseman’s legal liability, property and casualty insurance from The Lockton Companies. These policies are specifically designed by and for PRWs offering a superior program at a competitive price. Insurance and assistance is can also be provided to IRTA and IACSC companies. For more information, contact +1 816 960 9946 or
Talent Management, Plus Delta Consulting, LLC (IARW, WFLO, IRTA, IACSC)
Plus Delta offers members talent management services. Talent management services include, but are not limited to: executive coaching, organizational assessment, succession planning, strategic talent planning, and change management. For more information, contact +1 310 589 4600 or visit
  Discount Freight Program, UPS (IARW, IACSC)
UPS Freight offers members an Association Shipment Program on qualifying LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipments. Enrollment is free, with no obligations or minimum shipping requirements. The UPS Freight Savings Program applies to shipments weighing 150 lbs to 20,000 lbs that are; shipments billed collect to your company, prepaid shipments from your company, and shipments billed to your company as a third party.