Additional Associate Member Listings


GCCA associate members currently receive one directory listing through their membership. The association could offer additional value and increased visibility to associate members by engaging their office locations around the world rather than only interacting with headquarters.


To build a more robust database of member industry suppliers to include all locations of international and local players. This database would support international growth of the cold chain industry by connecting associate members to local events, including CCECs, regional congresses, international projects, or other events that may be taking place in their area, as well as increase access to associate members’ technical resources and knowledge in various regions.

To ensure maximum visibility of member locations outside of their headquarters/primary membership office through the Global Cold Chain Directory.


Additional listings would be subsidiaries to the headquarters office or other location that owns the GCCA membership.

Listings in the Global Cold Chain Directory would act as a buyer’s guide for individuals looking for cold chain expertise and services across the globe.

Additional listing forms would be available on the GCCA website (see form below).


$100 per listing for the first 10 locations. Any additional listings more than 10 would be complimentary.

Complete the Form Below to Add Listings

  • If you would like to add more than three listings, please contact Alice Schneider at