COLD FACTS, January-February 2011

In this issue, discover how warehouse management systems are the foundation of today’s cold storage companies and learn about modified atmosphere fire prevention systems.

On the Cover

Mission Critical Systems

Refrigerated warehousing and logistics professionals agree that today’s warehouse management systems are critical to their operations. Here’s why.
By Benjamin Milk

In the Issue

A New Electoral Mandate

U.S. Voters sent a strong message to Washington, DC in the November 2010 elections. What does the new Congress mean for the cold chain?
By Lowell Randel

A Change in the Air

Modified atmosphere fire prevention systems offer options to protect cold storage facilities and people
By Tori Miller

Energy Savings in Refrigerated Warehouses

Cold storage suppliers deliver a range of ideas and solutions to save energy and money in PRW operations
By Gerard von Dohlen

A Hot Item in the Deep Freeze

Forklifts powered by fuel cells can save energy and improve efficiency in refrigerated warehouse operations
By Sandra Curtin

The Ukrainian Cold Chain

Major cold chain company executives gathered at the “Cold Chain in Ukraine” Conference to discuss new growth opportunities
By Nora Jorgensen

Cool People: Chris Kozak