COLD FACTS, July-August 2010

In this issue,discover how the economy can impact refrigerated containerships and learn how safety is simply good business.

On the Cover

Cross Currents in Maritime Shipping

Use of refrigerated containerships is on the rise as reefer shipping carriers recover from recessionary pressures.
By Benjamin Milk

In the Issue

OSHA Sets Course for Increased Penalties

Tougher OSHA standards are on the way, along with increased penalties for non-compliance.
By Lowell Randel

Safety Is Good Business

Operating ammonia refrigeration systems safely offers both safety and productivity benefits.
By Bruce Badger

Building the Cold Chain in Emerging Markets

The USDA Emerging Markets Program is bringing cold chain technology and expertise to emerging nations.
By Nora Jorgensen

Flexing Your Wall Options

Flexible fabric walls offer easy options to separate areas with up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature differential.
By Matt Fleckenstein

Cool People: David Zopponi

David Zopponi, Northwest Food Processors Association