COLD FACTS, July-August 2013

Technological and operational innovations are changing the way the cold chain industry does business. Learn more in this issue.

On the Cover

Technological Excellence in the Cold Chain

Innovation is the mother of invention – and results in great customer service.
By Alexandra Walsh

In the Issue

Recent Trends in OSHA Enforcement

Inspections of ammonia refrigeration facilities are on the rise and the average penalty for serious violations has increased significantly.
By Lowell Randel

Innovation in Refrigerated Ocean Transport

The challenge of managing transport capacity in worldwide reefer trades.
By Karen E. Thuermer

Cold Chain at the Crossroads: Business Opportunities and Challenges in Eurasia

Three key tips every investor should follow when considering investing in Eurasia.
By Bsrat Mezghebe

Preparing for a Power Crisis: Developing an Emergency Generator Plan

Planning ahead for potential power outages is essential for PRWs. Developing an emergency generator plan as part of a crisis management strategy can be a key component.
By Jerry Von Dohlen and Tim Hade

Cool People: Jan Koslosky, Jr.

Learn how the VP of Supply Chain Management for Ocean Beauty Seafoods is finding creative solutions for his company's complicated supply chain.

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