COLD FACTS, March-April 2012

On the Cover

A Look at Behavior Based Safety

Safety is important to every company, but implementing a people-oriented, behavior-based safety program requires a strong commitment and takes time. The results are worth it.
By Alexandra Walsh

In the Issue

Compliance, Safety and Accountability for Motor Carriers

FMCSA is now implementing its Compliances, Safety and Accountability initiative. Learn how it affects motor carriers and review its key provisionis.
By Lowell Randel

More Low-Cost Tips to Save Energy

In part two of this series, learn how to maximize the efficiency of facility systems and reduce energy consumption and costs.
By Marcus Wilcox

The True Cost of Lift Truck Fleets

Do you know how much your lift truck fleet is really costing you? Find out all the factors involved.
By Michael Romano

Refrigeration and Lighting: Friend or Foe?

Lighting is essential in any refridgerated warehouse, but the heat it generates can be costly. But there are ways to achieve substantial savings.
By Aaron Kless, PE

Cargo Theft: A Costly Epidemic

Controlling cargo theft is critically important. Learn the ways your company can protect itself.
By Barry Brandman

Cool People: Kevin Marchetti

Kevin Marchetti, Managing Director Bay Grove Capital , LLC


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