COLD FACTS: March-April 2016

CFMA16_FullCoverIn this issue of COLD FACTS, read about mistakes and near misses from the industry and how companies learned from their mistakes. Also, learn how a new IMO amendment will impact maritime containers and learn about the changes coming to the IARW-WFLO Convention as we celebrate 125 years of excellence.

On the Cover

Disaster or Redemption: Near Misses and Mistakes Inform Warehouse Best Practices

The mistakes and near misses of others can inform your own warehouse best practices.
By Alexandra Walsh

In the Issue

No More Estimates for Maritime Containers

New weight verification requirements go into effect July 2016.
By Lowell Randel

Revamped IARW-WFLO Convention

Celebrating 125 years of cold chain excellence, the IARW-WFLO Convention introduces a new educational formats.
By Alexandra Walsh

Social Responsibility Can Address Recruitment and Retention Woes

Support of international causes attract and engage employees.
By Sheryl S. Jackson

Freezing Out Frost Heave in Tropical Climates

The GCCA Online Community addresses the importance of considering the possibility of frost heave during the design phase of a warehouse facility, even in warmer climates.
By Sheryl S. Jackson

Port of Baltimore Open to the Cold

Cold chain logistics operator shows Baltimore’s reefer side.
By Karen E. Thuermer

Improving Your Company's Well Being with a Hazard Assessment Checklist

Protect employees, equipment and all vital parts of a company by following a structured analysis and checking off lists of possible hazards.
By Keith Loria

Cool People: Recognizing Connie Phipps for 20 Years of Service

Online Exclusive! International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses Celebrates 125 Years of Excellence

Learn about the history of IARW on the association's 125th anniversary.
By Alexandra Walsh

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