COLD FACTS, May-June 2010

In this issue, learn how PRWs are relying on information technology to provide value-added services and build robust relationships with customers.

On the Cover

PRWs: The Final Link to the Customer

Many food processors rely on PRWs as their link to retail and foodservice customers. Thanks to new information technologies, these relationships are increasingly robust.
By Al Rickard

In the Issue

The “Jobs” Bill — What’s in it for the Cold Chain?

The new U.S. jobs bill offers tax incentives to hire unemployed workers and expense the full cost of capital assets this year.
By Lowell Randel

Here Comes the Sun

Solar energy has arrived in the cold storage industry and several companies are taking full advantage of the opportunities.
By Benjamin Milk

Poultry in a Pickle

U.S. poultry exports to both Russia and China are down due to trade issues — the move has a powerful effect on both the poultry and cold chain logistics industries.
By Al Rickard

Expanding Business Horizons Internationally

GCCA international development projects offer opportunities for businesses to expand beyond the United States.
By Nora Jorgensen

Cool People: Dr. Lisa Kitinoja

Dr. Lisa Kitinoja, World Food Logistics Organization