COLD FACTS, May-June 2012

On the Cover

Double Trouble for Cold Chain Trucking

New regulations and the economy are pinching cold chain trucking capabilities. Several companies talk about their experiences and the challenges they face.
By Karen E. Thuermer

In the Issue

Implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act

More than 50 new regulations are being promulgated from this legislation. Make sure your company is on top of the changes
By Lowell Randel

How RFID Can Improve Profitability

Improved RFID solutions can track location and temperature, creating new options to deliver fresher products and boost profits.
By Kevin Payne

Solar Energy for Cold Storage

Is solar energy an option for your company? Check out this update on the feasibility, risks and rewards.
By Tom Millhoff

Brazilian Opportunities

The cold chain industry in Brazil holds plent of promise for the very patient.
By Alexandra Walsh

Cool People: Louise Rhodes

Louise Rhodes, CENVP Sustainability Manager & Head Green Teamer Metcash Trading Limited

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