COLD FACTS, May-June 2013

CFMJ13-CoverOn the Cover

Trucking Companies Employ Best Practices

Transport providers find best practices can provide better service,  fuel savings, and consistent quality of product.
By Karen E. Thuermer

In this Issue

Food Safety Modernization Act Update

The FSMA proposed rule on preventive controls and its impact on the cold chain.
By Lowell Randel

Great Places You Would Love to Work

Several cold chain companies recently won awards for being great places to work. Find out what makes them different.
By Alexandra Walsh

A Continent in Transition

Food demands are increasing rapidly in an urbanizing Africa and an advanced, robust cold chain is an integral link.
By Nikki Duncan and Bsrat Mezghebe

Hypoxic Fire Protection

Are hypoxic air fire protection systems an option for PRWs? A study looks at the pros and cons of low-oxygen fire suppression systems
By Sheryl S. Jackson

Meeting Cold Storage Design Needs

There are many complex considerations for designing cold storage warehouses.
By Mike Netting


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