COLD FACTS, May-June 2015

COLD FACTS CoverIn this issue of COLD FACTS magazine, the focus is on transportation aspects of the global cold chain.

Read more about air and marine cargo trends as well as various approaches companies are taking to alleviate the driver shortage issue. Plus, Lockton Insurance, a GCCA Service Partner, provides insight into shipper / broker insurance best practices.

On the Cover

The Cold Chain at 30,000 Feet

Shipping pharmaceuticals and perishables are a bright spot in the air cargo industry.
By Karen E. Thuermer

In the Issue

Preparing for FDA’s Sanitary Transportation Of Food Regulations

The International Refrigerated Transportation Association is developing best practices to help with FDA’s Sanitary Transportation Of Food Regulations.
By Lowell Randel

Cold Cargo on the High Seas

Energy conservation, quality assurance and innovative packaging means more cold chain products are traveling by sea.
By Karen E. Thuermer

Solving the Truck Driver Shortage

Competitive wages are only part of the solution. Trucking companies also need to address lifestyle expectations to recruit and retain employees.
By Sheryl Jackson

Transportation Insurance Trends

A good news/bad news outlook requires face time with your broker and due diligence when choosing partners.
By Donna B. Cook

UAE: Gateway to Africa

UAE positions itself as a trade hub to Africa and beckons international partners.
By Alexandra Walsh

Cool People: Mumin Isamiddinov

Mumin Isamiddinov, Commercial Manager, Unicon-S LLC, is the May-June 2015 Cool Person and also the Global Cold Chain Alliance’s technical expert on the AgLinks Plus project in Uzbekistan, which is funded by the United States Agency for International (USAID) and implemented by DAI, a GCCA subcontractor.

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