COLD FACTS, November-December 2012

In the November-December 2012 issue, learn what today’s customer expects from their 3PL partner.

On the Cover

Are You Sure You Know What Your Customers Want?

Three executives talk about what customers want from a cold chain partner in 2013 and beyond. By Alexandra Walsh

In the Issue

Educating the Industry on Ammonia Safety

GCCA leads an ammonia safety workshop; highlights value of cooperative programs. By Lowell Randel

Cold Chain Provides Investment Opportunities in Former Soviet Republics

An up-close look at cold chain, infrastructure, and food culture in Uzbekistan and other regional markets. By Karen E. Thuermer

The Sky’s the Limit

A design/build firm gives the lowdown on why high-rise warehousing can be a valuable alternative to conventional storage. By Mike Netting

Planning your Succession Before It’s Too Late

10,000 Baby Boomers per day are reaching retirement age and potentially creating a huge leadership gap. What is your business doing to prepare? By Jeremy S. Lurey, Ph.D.

Cool People: Nehemiah Hasak

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