COLD FACTS: November-December 2017

In this issue of COLD FACTS, learn about the customer service through the eyes of a retailer, forklift best practices, the Canadian cold chain, and much more!

On the Cover

The View From Retail

A focus group of retail executives yields important clues to better customer service. By Alexandra Walsh

In the Issue

NAFTA 2.0 - What to Expect?

The stakes are high for the North American cold chain. By Lowell Randel

Revolution at Sea

Ocean carrier M&As and alliances cause issues for reefer shippers. By Karen E. Thuermer

Forklift Best Practices

Evaluate multiple options before selecting lift trucks that fit specific warehouse needs. By Sheryl S. Jackson

O Canada!

Vast spaces and a small population can present logistical challenges. By Alexandra Walsh

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