COLD FACTS, September-October 2012

In the September-October 2012 issue, learn how PRWs are deciding whether or not to invest in automation.

On the Cover

To Automate or Not to Automate?

PRWs face many questions in deciding whether to build or retrofit a facility with automation. A new white paper from IACSC and IARW provides answers. By Alexandra Walsh

In the Issue

Federal Agency Visits Highlight Key Issues

GCCA members visited several U.S. federal agencies to discuss critical issues impacting the cold chain industry.
By Lowell Randel

Nice Buns: Innovations at the Food Plant of the Year

A M King helped design and build an award-winning plant for Northeast Foods using state-of-the-art technology and automation.
By Bob West

Cold Storage Construction on Three Continents

Rapid growth of quick-serve restaurants and large supermarkets plus the need to reduce food waste are fueling the growth of cold storage facilities around the world.
By Mike Golden

A Changing Transportation Paradigm

Trucking still rules refrigerated transportation, but new rail options are opening up new transportation options between certain markets.
By Karen E. Thuermer

Recruiting Refrigeration Engineers

Your next skilled refrigeration engineer may be closer than you think.
By Al Rickard

Cool People: Donald V. Schlimme, Ph.D

Remembering our friend and valued member of the WFLO Scientific Advisory Council Donald V. Schlimme, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor, Nutrition and Food Science, University of Maryland.