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The Journey to Rebuild in the Aftermath of a Warehouse Fire

Don Dick, CEO of Dick Cold Storage, discussed the aftermath of a 2016 fire which took place at their Columbus, Ohio facility during a Cool Pioneers session at the 126th IARW-WFLO Convention. The fire destroyed the facility, resulted in the company taking a significant financial hit, and caused a challenging public relations situation, including a multiple-week media focus on the smell of ham coming from the site of the fire. During his presentation, Dick detailed the steps his team took to meet the conflicting needs and requests from multiple agencies, the fire department, and arson team. While the fire was an unfortunate situation, Dick’s team followed best practices for crisis response as developed and adopted by GCCA-IARW members.

Dick Cold Storage CEO Don Dick discusses how Dick Cold Storage rebuilds after a warehouse fire.

Crisis Management Resources Available to GCCA-IARW Members

GCCA-IARW offers a number of crisis management resources and tools to help members effectively handle and recover from crises situations, including fires, rack collapses, natural disasters, and security breaches.

Effective crisis management requires swift action and prior planning. The GCCA Crisis Management Go Team was created to assist members as they take swift action in the event of a crisis. The team is made up of food scientists from the WFLO Scientific Advisory Council and experts in ammonia safety, warehouse law, and warehouse insurance.

The IARW Guide to Effective Warehouse Crisis Management is a member benefit that was developed to help members prepare for the unexpected and learn how to move forward after a crisis.

In partnership with GCCA’s Warehouse Law Service Partner Horvath & Weaver, P.C., IARW created standard warehouse legal documents, which members may customize to fit their company’s and customers’ needs. These tools were designed to protect temperature-controlled warehouses in a crisis.

Members also receive exclusive eligibility for warehouseman’s legal liability, property and casualty insurance from IARW Insurance Service Partner, The Lockton Companies.

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