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Five Must-Dos To Create A World-Class On-Boarding Experience For You And Your Employees

Written by GCCA’s Talent Management Service Partner Plus Delta Consulting.

So much time and energy goes into finding top talent and then wooing these superstars into our companies, so why is it that typically so little time and energy is devoted to on-boarding these folks once they do accept our offers? If anything, business leaders should invest more time and energy into the process at this critical juncture to ensure that their new employees are truly set up for success as they get started. For those who agree, we offer you the following 5 “must dos” to create a world-class on-boarding experience and enhance the results of your critical on-boarding efforts.

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About GCCA Service Partners

Global Cold Chain Alliance Service Partners offer an affinity program between GCCA (or any of its Core Partners) and a superior industry vendor. Through this relationship, the vendor is granted an official association platform for building and servicing member clientele in exchange for a revenue share allocated to the association. Learn more.

Plus Delta Consulting delivers the strategic solutions that address GCCA members’ greatest leadership challenges and talent management needs. These services include executive coaching, succession planning, strategic planning, organizational assessment, change management, and talent management.

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