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How the Cold Chain Makes Sure You Don’t End Up on the Wrong Side of “Trick or Treat”

Consumers spend billions annually on Halloween, from costumes and decorations to greeting cards and, of course, candy. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend $2.7 billion this year on Halloween candy.

However, the majority of those who celebrate Halloween, which is estimated to be 70 percent of the United States population, are unaware of the journey these holiday sweets take from the manufacturer to convenience and grocery stores all over the country.

With so many varieties, each type of candy requires different methods of care, and some need much more than others. This is where the cold chain steps into action. Members of GCCA Core Partner associations play a major role in ensuring that candy maintains its quality throughout its aforementioned journey.

According to the WFLO Commodity Storage Manual, benefits from refrigerated storage of candies include:

  • Freshness is retained
  • Color, flavor, and luster are maintained
  • Staleness and rancidity is significantly minimized
  • Stickiness and crushing are eliminated

The WFLO Commodity Storage Manual has six pages of information for cold chain logistics providers devoted to proper storage and handling of confectionery items, ranging from candy corn and lollipops to chocolates and caramels. There’s even information on storing pumpkins.

This manual is the cold chain industry’s chief resource for scientific information on the storage and handling of perishable goods with information on storing almost 300 different temperature-controlled products. Check it out!

Tell us how your company supports this holiday by ensuring that nothing scary happens to candy from manufacturer to consumer. If you have an interesting story about your company’s Halloween efforts, email

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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