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New Push by FSIS to Reduce Undeclared Allergen Food Recalls

Written by Joel Taylor

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), has begun discussions to address the rising number of food recalls relating to undeclared allergens. FSIS held a public meeting on March 16, 2017, at which GCCA representatives were able to participate in the dialogue between government, industry, and research leaders, learning about what GCCA members can be doing to improve their activities, reducing industry-wide allergen recalls. Continue reading

Company Input Needed on PHIS Export Module Implementation

The Public Health Inspection System (PHIS) Export Module (electronic export certificate) has been in a lengthy process of development. Once implemented, the module will give exporters the ability to use a Web-based entry application to obtain a Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Export Certificate (9060-5), or companies may choose to use a company-computer-to-FSIS-computer application to generate the certificate. Continue reading

WFLO Scientific Advisory Council Member Inducted into Meat Industry Hall of Fame

Dr. Joe Sebranek, a key member of the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) Scientific Advisory Council (SAC), was recently inducted into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame. With meat products constituting a significant portion of frozen and refrigerated food moving through the cold chain, Sebranek’s 15 years of participation on the SAC has been vital, providing expertise in meat science, and more specifically, meat processing and preservation technology, to the temperature-controlled logistics industry. Continue reading

Implications of a Trump Presidency on the Cold Chain

Written by Lowell Randel, GCCA Vice President of Government and Legal Affairs

With Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election, speculation has begun on what to expect for policies impacting the cold chain.  Trump ran a rather unconventional campaign, and, as an “outsider” to the D.C. establishment, does not have a well-defined history on many policy positions. However, he has outlined some of his priorities during the campaign and in the days after his victory.

Towards the end of the campaign, Trump released a Contract with the American Voter. The document outlines some of the early priorities expected from a Trump Administration. Below are some selected policy areas included in the contact and mentioned along the campaign trail that have the potential to impact the cold chain industry.

Regulatory Reform

Continue reading

Lineage Logistics, Titan Frozen Fruit Project to be Featured at IACSC 2016

Lineage Logistics contracted with Fisher Construction Group to build a 216,777 sq.ft. LEED certified facility, which includes 151,000 sq. ft. of cold storage and dock space, and 65,000 sq. ft. dedicated to onsite food processing for Lineage’s tenant Titan Frozen Fruit. With the capacity to blast freeze 1 million pounds of product per day, the facility will play a major role in meeting the expanding food processing needs in the Santa Maria, California region. One of the more unique factors of the project is the shared resources and expertise between the third-party logistics company and the food processor. This project will be featured as a keynote presentation during the Opening General Session at the 36th IACSC Conference & Expo, taking place November 10-12 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Continue reading

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