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May 8 Webinar: Learn How the New IARW PBR Online Platform Can Help Your Company

The data collection process for the IARW Productivity and Benchmarking Report will take place via a new Web-based survey and reporting platform in 2014. Join this webinar, taking place on May 8, to learn more the innovative tool from technology partner, Dynamic Benchmarking. During this webinar, you will learn about the range of operational and financial metrics it captures and see how the system makes customized benchmarking simple through dynamic comparison and configured charts and reports. Get answers to your questions about the platform’s use and value to your company from the experts. More

Consolidation and Expansion within India’s Cold Chain Industry

In recent years India’s domestic cold chain industry has undergone both consolidation as well as expansion of capacity (as with companies like Gati, Devbhumi, MJ Logistics and Crystal). There has also been an increase in the presence of international companies in India’s cold chain industry such as Kuhne-Nagel and Gateway Distriparks. Continue reading

Best practices position companies for growth during recovery

While signs of economic recovery are appearing, most forecasters agree that improvement will be gradual. If there is a silver lining to the recession, it is the improved efficiencies gained by companies that used the economic downturn as an opportunity to identify ways to improve their cost-effectiveness, as well as customer service. With labor and energy the top two costs in the temperature-controlled supply chain industry, it’s important to always be on the lookout for opportunities to become more efficient. According to an article in the March-April issue of COLD FACTS magazine, employees, audits and innovations could lead to cost-effective improvements throughout the year.

Continue reading

Revenue, profitability growth reported for industry in late 2013

IARW asked executives from 35 temperature-controlled supply chain companies in the United States and Canada for data on their companies’ revenue, profitability and occupancy. The survey results indicated growth in revenue and profitability in the second half of 2013, with a decline in occupancy over the same period in 2012. IARW Warehouse Members are eligible to download a complimentary copy of the full “IARW Financial Performance Report: 2013, Q3-Q4.” Participating companies receive the report earlier than general membership. Contact IARW to participate. More

Changing the Conversation: Getting shoppers to think frozen

Many studies are showing a downward trend for the popularity of frozen foods. In the temperature-controlled supply chain, the focus has turned to finding new and creative ways to get shoppers to think frozen when they’re shopping for fresh. Shoppers are bombarded with messages at their local grocery stores that implore them to “shop the perimeter of the store and buy fresh if they want to ‘eat right.’” These messages are causing a change in shopping habits, according to an article in the March-April issue of COLD FACTS magazine. Kraig Naasz, President and CEO of the American Frozen Food Institute, claims that the way to change this behavior trend is to improve awareness about the health benefits of frozen foods. A new Frozen Food Roundtable has been created and has plans to initiate a promotional campaign encouraging customers to take a fresh look at frozen. MORE

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