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How the Cold Chain Makes Sure You Don’t End Up on the Wrong Side of “Trick or Treat”

Consumers spend billions annually on Halloween, from costumes and decorations to greeting cards and, of course, candy. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend $2.7 billion this year on Halloween candy.

However, the majority of those who celebrate Halloween, which is estimated to be 70 percent of the United States population, are unaware of the journey these holiday sweets take from the manufacturer to convenience and grocery stores all over the country.

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Online Version of WFLO Commodity Storage Manual Gets Updated

The WFLO Commodity Storage Manual is the cold chain industry’s chief resource for scientific information on the storage and handling of perishable goods with information on storing almost 300 different temperature-controlled products. Last week, WFLO completed a brand new update to the online version of the manual. The new design allows members to easily search for commodities by commodity name or keywords. Members also can browse an alphabetical listing of the entries. Access to the online version is complimentary with membership. Members and Nonmembers may purchase printed copies of the manual from the online store. More