Webinar: Calculating the Perfect Temperature

What will it cost to freeze product? How much time will it take to freeze product? What’s the shelf-life of a product? That’s just a sampling of the innumerable factors refrigerated warehouse managers must consider when accepting new food products.

To help members calculate food freezing and storage, WFLO Scientific Advisors Dr. Paul Singh and Dr. Dennis Heldman have developed a quick, user-friendly calculator for warehouse managers to determine the best way and means to store product. The calculator includes information on nearly 1,000 specific products in 12 different product categories and is available online as a free resource for members.

If you are curious about the many features of this tool or how to use it for its most basic functions, join our webinar titled “Calculating the Perfect Temperature” at 2:00pm EDT on Wednesday, July 26 led by Scientific Advisory Council member Dr. Dennis Heldman. Heldman will showcase this member-resource by walking through its functions, using it on real case studies and answering audience questions.

July 26, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm