General Sessions

Sunday 18 October

Opening Session and Dinner

18:30 – 21:00

Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance
Angelo Antoci, Chairman, International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses and President, U.S. Growers Cold Storage, Inc.
John Ackerman, Chairman, South African Refrigerated Distribution Association

Peter Worthington-Smith Award Winner Recognition
Ivan Sutic, Financial Director, Chilliweni Cold Storage
2015 Peter Worthington-Smith Award Winner 2015 GCCA Global Next Generation Award Finalist

Clem Sunter, Scenario Planner, Futurologist – Cape Town and Johannesburg

Clem-Sunter-2015-GCCA-Summit-South-Africa-Keynote_200x230Clem Sunter has an extensive history working in a variety of industries. In the early 1980s, he established a scenario planning function in Anglo with teams in London and Johannesburg. Using material from several successful teams, Mr. Sunter put together a presentation entitled ‘The World and South Africa in the 1990s’ which became very popular in South Africa in the mid-1980s. In it, two scenarios were offered for South Africa: the ‘High Road’ of negotiation leading to a political settlement and the ‘Low Road’ of confrontation leading to a civil war and a wasteland. South Africa took the High Road. Two highlights for Clem were a presentation to FW de Klerk and the Cabinet in 1986 and a visit to Nelson Mandela in prison to discuss the future just before his release.

Since 1987, he has authored 17 books some of which have been bestsellers. His other main interests are seeking to mobilise the private sector in the war against HIV/AIDS and create a new generation of entrepreneurs in South Africa.

He was recently awarded an Honourary Doctorate by the University of Cape Town for his work in the field of scenario planning. He was also voted by leading South African CEOs as the speaker who has made the most significant contribution to, and impact on, best practice and business in South Africa. He has given scenario presentations in Europe, India, Singapore, Britain, Australia and various African countries. He has lectured at the Harvard Business School in Boston and at the Central Party School in Beijing.

Monday 19 October

Opening Customer Keynote: Africa’s Role in Global Expansion
09:00 – 09:45

Closing General Session

15:40 – 16:30

Customer Keynote: Consumer and Retail Drivers in South Africa
Summit Wrap-Up and Closing
Greg Brandt, Chairman, World Food Logistics Organization and CEO, Nor-Am Cold Storage, Inc.