Where We Work

WFLO provides cold chain development advisory services around the world.

The World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) is the educational and research foundation of the Global Cold Chain Alliance. WFLO provides hands-on, industry-specific guidance on the production, processing, transporting, and storing of temperature-controlled goods. Learn more about what we do.

Where WFLO is Currently Working:

NEW China
WFLO/GCCA is working with Creative Associates on a USAID-funded project to support economic growth among Tibetans living in the Chengdu district in China, located in Sichuan Province. WFLO is completing a rapid assessment of cold chain infrastructure and businesses in the area.

NEW Senegal
WFLO/GCCA has partnered with Agland Investment Services to win a new project in Senegal focused on improving strategic supply chains for perishable agricultural goods and identifying potential private-public partnerships that could strengthen domestic consumption and exports to foreign markets. Currently, GCCA has two experts on the ground in Senegal working with the Agland team to complete a preliminary diagnostic.

WFLO/GCCA works with Winrock International to support the Cold Chain Bangladesh Alliance (CCBA) project. Recently, WFLO expert Dr. Kristen Hell visited Bangladesh in November-December 2014 to complete a postharvest loss assessment. The project is currently working to implement a number of activities for second year of the project including additional assessments, technical assistance, and a study tour, which is currently planned for India.

Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda: USAID TOPS Grant from Save the Children
This grant provided funds for an evaluation of a horticulture project in Africa that established a Postharvest Training and Service Center (PTSC) in Arusha, Tanzania. The funds also included follow-up training for postharvest experts from 7 African countries (Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya). The final report for this evaluation was completed in April 2015, and showed that the PTSC successfully met and exceeded its objectives focused on training. The activities focused on income generation for the PTSC were not fully implemented so it remains dependent upon funding from outside sources.

Nigeria: Nigeria Expanded Trade & Transport (NEXTT)
WFLO/GCCA continues to support the opening of trade in Nigeria with CARANA Corporation, and through the work of our collegue Bukola Sotuba, who works in Abuja. Bukoka is a food safety specialist and advises the project on food safety to support income generation and poverty reduction in Nigeria. Additional activities in Nigeria are under discussion with CARANA.

WFLO/GCCA works with Winrock International to support the Philippines Cold Chain Development (PCCD) project on cold chain and association strengthening activities. In February 2015, WFLO/GCCA supported a delegation of three from the Philippines to attend the WFLO Institute. The Institute was followed by 2 days of consultative meetings and site visits led by GCCA Vice President of International Programs, Richard Tracy. In June 2015, GCCA member Marko Dzeletovich of Coldbox Builders and GCCA Director of Information Systems, Tori Miller Liu, will speak at the annual Cold Chain Association of the Philippines (CCAP) Conference. Dr. Stephen Neel will also represent the WFLO in June at the Conference on Meat Production, Processing and Marketing.

Uzbekistan: DAI AgLinks Plus
The Uzbekistan AgLinks project officially closed in February 2015. However, the cold-chain work supported by GCCA/WFLO was such a success that we are referenced by name in the follow-on project. We are awaiting the award of the new Uzbekistan project, which will build on the valuable work already completed.

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