Program Descriptions

Regional Training programs are delivered by leading experts in the industry and trained facilitators. Programs are held in venues located within a reasonable distance from many IARW members. Each program below has a specific target audience, deliverables, and objectives.

Employee Engagement

Learn to drive performance through employee engagement.
Audience: Plant Management, General Managers, Supervisors

As leaders, we intuitively know that if employees are invested in their work and feel a sense of commitment to the organization, they are likely to do better work. Each of us has experienced this feeling as an employee long before we ever got into management. It’s called being engaged in your work. Knowing that engagement is important is one thing. But, knowing how to create an environment that engages employees is far more valuable.  Join us for this dynamic, interactive workshop where motivated managers will learn how to fuel performance through employee engagement. 

You will learn to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of employee engagement and the role it plays in performance
  • Recognize the role of the manager in fostering employee engagement
  • Describe management behaviors that are engagement “builders” versus engagement “killers”
  • Discover proven strategies for creating an engaging workplace from companies considered to be “Best Places to Work” by their employees
  • Develop an action plan for how to increase employee engagement within your organization

Labor Management

Learn to control labor costs and improve productivity.
Audience: Plant Management, General Managers, Supervisors

Labor management is one of the largest costs facing the PRW industry. There are steps warehouse operators can take to increase productivity and motivate their workforce. At the GCCA Labor Management Regional Trainings, we will provide solutions plant managers and supervisors can use to decrease costs related to labor while coaching their employees to success in their own facilities.

You will learn to:

  • Control labor costs
  • Identify and minimize time wasters within the warehouse
  • Minimize compliance risk
  • Improve workforce productivity and utilization

Energy Management

Learn to control energy costs without capital investment.
Audience: We recommend sending 2 individuals per facility – General Manager and Plant Engineer
The two biggest costs facing the PRW industry are labor and energy. While there are solutions available with considerable capital investment, there are also things that warehouse managers can do today, working with their own current facilities, to reduce these pain points. Through GCCA Regional Education Programs, we will work through answers to these questions to ultimately decrease costs related to energy and labor.

You will learn to:

  • Analyze your monthly warehouse energy bill
  • Describe the major energy users and the employees that use the systems
  • Identify partners that can collaborate with to reduce energy consumption
  • Support and empower your team to make smart energy decisions
  • Implement an energy management plan at your facility
  • Communicate energy management expectations, progress, success, and best practices to all warehouse employees

Risk Management

Learn to manage risk and establish contingencies to plan for the worst.
Audience: Individual responsible for Risk Management and Safety at the facility
Effectively managing risks within your refrigerated warehouse is not only important, it is essential. The safety and well-being of people and product are of utmost importance. This training program will equip risk managers and safety managers with the tools to excel in their field. Topics covered at this program include: creating a risk management culture and morale, rack storage safety, new warehouse technologies and considerations to make when implementing them from a safety viewpoint, an informative session with a local OSHA representative, claims control and post-injury management. As a safety professional, you can’t afford to miss this session!

You will learn to:

  • Create a culture of safety and risk management within your organization
  • Drive tangible results through a culture of risk management and safety
  • Analyze new warehouse technologies and the risks associated implementing them
  • Develop a plan for OSHA inspections and visit with a representative from OSHA
  • Implement effective post-injury management through templates, forms, and tools
  • Network with other risk management and safety professionals in refrigerated warehouses

See the full Risk Management Course Description.