Download the Cold Storage Maintenance Matrix

The amount of maintenance completed in your warehouse will directly affect the overall success and longevity of your cold storage warehouse. IACSC and IARW published the Maintenance Matrix to help members better understand and track warehouse maintenance. The matrix is provided as an Microsoft Excel file to allow members to easily edit and adapt the matrix as needed.


The Cold Storage Maintenance Matrix provides a representative set of maintenance guidelines for different components relevant to warehouse operations. It should be considered as a general reference guide. Be sure to also refer to specific maintenance guidelines provided by equipment manufacturers.

The matrix was developed as part of the 2012 revision of the Guide to Effective Warehouse Design, Maintenance, and Modernization. IACSC and IARW would like to acknowledge Michael Adkins (United States Cold Storage, Inc., Vorhees, New Jersey, USA), who was the primary author of this matrix.

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