GCCA MasterMind Peer Networks

To complement GCCA’s existing talent development programs, the association is offering MasterMind Peer Networks for its members. A Mastermind Peer Network is a meeting of highly motivated individuals who share a common goal to improve their leadership and individual performance. They are also looking to learn from others and in return help their fellow group members improve.

MasterMind Peer Networks aren’t about day-to-day firefighting or business as usual, they are about exponential growth in your business and achieving significantly better results. Each MasterMind group member will have specific goals to produce powerful breakthroughs and achieve their longer-term strategic objectives.

The MasterMind Peer Networks have a maximum number of 12 individual members per group, so it will be a more intimate and collaborative learning environment. Our first MasterMind Peer Network is specifically designed for business owners and CEOs. We expect to launch additional groups soon in line with our members’ needs.

Program Format

  • Quarterly in-person MasterMind group sessions aligned to our major industry events
  • 1:1 MasterMind coaching for all Peer Network members between in-person meetings and as requested

Program Fees

The program fee for each MasterMind group member is $5,000 per year. Additionally, travel and expenses related to attending the in-person meetings will be paid individually by each member.

Learn More

To learn more about GCCA’s new MasterMind Peer Networks, please contact the MasterMind Group Leader, Dr. Jeremy Lurey at +1.310.589.4612 or

About GCCA MasterMind Group Leader

Dr. Jeremy Lurey, Founder and CEO, CHIEFEXECcoach

Dr. Jeremy Lurey is the Founder and CEO of CHIEFEXECcoach, a Plus Delta Consulting company. Dr. Lurey is a talented executive coach and business psychologist who helps his clients identify their strategic objectives and develop the action plans required to achieve their future goals. Dr. Lurey has particular expertise facilitating individual and group coaching programs to enable leaders to act more “leader-like” and focus on what matters most. With more than 20 years of progressive experience as a management consultant, he is a trusted business advisor for and has supported clients ranging from small family businesses to Fortune 100 corporations, including numerous GCCA member companies.