Is there a cost to attend the Assembly of Committees?

There is a nominal fee to attend the Symposium Day (held on Sunday) of the Assembly of Committees meeting. The Committee Meetings (held on Monday) are free of charge to all committee members and the Government Agency visits (held on Tuesday) are free of charge to all GCCA Members.

Why is there a cost to attend the Assembly of Committees?

In 2013, GCCA reformatted the schedule for the Assembly of Committees (AOC) meeting based on attendee feedback from the year prior. The new format segmented all the educational content in the newly created Symposium Day, while Monday played host to all the Committee meetings and Tuesday continued to facilitate the Government Agency Visits. 2013 Evaluation results deemed the new structure a huge success so GCCA leadership decided to continue with this new format in 2014 and 2015.

Previously, the Assembly of Committees meetings co-mingled educational content (called Forums) with the Committee Meetings. The education sessions covered topics that were important to a given committee. However in recent years this format became a bit confusing and there was a push for the education to cover broader issues impacting the entire cold chain industry. The creation of the Symposium day on Sunday and placing all the Committee meetings on Monday was a way to solve this problem.

Due to the addition of valuable educational content — Sunday now features:

  • a keynote presentation
  • sixteen education sessions to choose from
  • Continental breakfast, a networking lunch and coffee/tea breaks

The IARW Board of Directors decided that the association needed to charge a small registration fee for the Symposium Day (Sunday). This fee is only meant to assist in covering food and beverage costs. The Committee Meetings on Monday and Government Agency visits on Tuesday are still free of charge to members/committee members

What is the difference between Sunday’s and Monday’s activities?

Sunday will be devoted to educational programming, the AOC Symposium (to replace Forums), and Monday will be devoted to working committee meetings.  Sunday will be a day of learning, education, and idea sharing. Then, on Monday you can implement the new ideas you’ve gathered during the educational programming in your working committee meetings.

What is the difference between the Symposium (Sunday) and the working committees (Monday)?

The Symposium is a series of educational sessions featuring expert speakers addressing trends and technical issues in the cold chain industry. Facilitated discussions about critical industry topics will also occur during the Symposium in the form of The Cold Chain Café.

What is The Cold Chain Café?

The Cold Chain Café is a growing global movement to support conversations that matter in corporate, association, government, and community settings around the world. The Cold Chain Café made its first appearance at the 2014 AOC Symposium and was met with rave reviews! The goal again in 2015 is to create an exchange of ideas and stimulate facilitated discussion on critical industry issues.

How does it work? The afternoon session will be conducted as one session for everyone. Each participant will receive a list and a choice of up to 40 different questions, topics, and/or issues. Each topic will correspond to a numbered table in the ballroom. Participants join the table/topic of their choosing and spend the next 20 minutes discussing that topic. The goal is that in 20 minutes each group will share tools, ideas, and have a stimulating conversation about a particular topic. That will happen two more times. By the end of the entire session, each participant will have spent 20 minutes with 3 different topics/issues/questions. We will end with a group debrief of The Cold Chain Café.

Will the working committees be closed or opened?

Some working committees are closed based on function of the committee and appointment. However, there are a number of committees each year seeking new members. Committees are limited in size to allow for better discussion. Each committee has a set membership. Committee members are asked to make a year-long commitment to the committee’s work. Time commitment varies based on committee. If you are not on a committee but are interested in joining a committee and would like to sit in and observe that committee meeting at AOC, please contact Megan Costello.

I’m not on a working committee. When should I arrive in DC? When should I depart?

If you are not a member of any committee that is meeting on Monday, we recommend you arrive on Saturday to participate in the education and networking taking place on Sunday. You can then depart Sunday evening, following The Cold Chain Café, or Monday morning.

How do I know if I am an active volunteer on a committee?

If you volunteered to serve on a committee in 2014, you are still an active member of that committee. You may volunteer for the 2015-2016 committee year once the volunteer period is open in early August 2014. Please contact Megan Costello if you have any questions.

How do I sign up for the Government Agency Visits on Tuesday morning?

The Global Cold Chain Alliance organizes visits for delegations of members to various government agencies on Tuesday morning. These visits give you the opportunity to share your opinions with decision-makers on issues affecting your business and our industry. In the past delegations have visited the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Visits include a breakfast orientation and transportation to and from the agency. You can sign up for “Agency Visits” during registration. Members who do not wish to participate in the visits may depart on Tuesday morning.