Facility Tour – Colruyt

Friday 10 March 2017 | 13:00 – 16:00
Additional fee applies

Immediately following the formal educational programme on Friday, delegates will be transported to Colruyt’s food retail facility in Brussels.

Although offering always lowest prices, with a market share 32%, Colruyt is the leading Belgian retailer. This is thanks to its cutting-edge, highly performing integrated logistics structure/infrastructure and efficient and innovative automated solutions engineered and installed by their former daughter company Intrion ( Colruyt has four major distribution centers around Halle, 20 km south of Brussels and the tour is to their temperature-controlled facility. The tour will include a visit of their fully-automated order-picking robots in fresh environment; ‘Hybrid -25°C’ Savoye order-picking shuttles in deep freeze environment; and a patented liquid ice application for carts assuring high quality in the supply chain and multi-temperature loads in a standard trailer. The visit will also demonstrate the group’s social responsibility with zero-energy operations and food waste and loss recycling, unique in the sector.

Please contact GCCA European Director Julie Hanson at if you are interested in participating in this exclusive tour.

Traveling Options After the Tour

Following the tour, it is possible to drop off participants at the Halle station, located three minutes from Colruyt, to connect to the airport (arrival 17:20, one change) or Thalys or Eurostar (a few minute-ride to Brussels South to connect to International). You can see here the various trains from Halle to Midi from 16:00 onwards.

*Need to load luggage at hotel departure* 

Those driving may park at the Colruyt supermarket nearby (roughly a minute away) and the bus can shuttle them to the facility and drop them back on the way out.