IACSC Construction Café

Sponsored by CHIEFEXECCoach

The goal of the IACSC Construction Café is to create an exchange of ideas and stimulate facilitated discussion on critical industry issues. Participants choose from 10 different topics, join the table at which the issue is being discussed, and spend 20 minutes sharing ideas. Participants then switch tables to discuss another topic.

Friday, November 3 | 2:45 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.


  • Recruiting a Workforce
    Where do you find talented individuals for your company? How do you hold on to the great employees that you find?
  • Food Safety/How do you Build?
    What can builders do to be proactive about meeting new safety standards? What technologies/products are you using to make meeting safety codes easier?
  • Energy Sustainability
    How do you accommodate customer requests to be more sustainable? How does this impact design and construction? What challenges are you facing?
  • New Building Technology
    What technology advances are you seeing in terms of sprinklers, refrigeration and backup generators?
  • Profitability and Project Management
    What measures can you take to keep new projects profitable? How do you diversity your business model?
  • Workplace Safety
    How do you build a culture of workplace safety? How are you managing OSHA inspections?
  • Semi Automation
    How are companies starting to experiment and introduce automation without going full ASRS?
  • Differentiating your expertise as a controlled environment construction specialist
    How does industry achieve recognition as a specialist in temperature controlled building? What experiences do you have in competing with general construction companies and how do you differentiate yourself? How do owners/end-users recognize the expertise that IACSC members have?

Interested in stimulating dynamic and productive conversation among your peers? Serve as a table facilitator for a topic that interests you! Reach out to Kenna Lewis at for more information.