Movimat Expo ABIAF-GCCA Cold Chain Pavilion

Movimat is designed to offer productivity solutions and information to the intralogistics segment by showcasing the products and services of over 200 leading providers. It aims to help attendees generate business, improve knowledge, exchange experiences, and explore the latest technology advances and trends in the sector.

ABIAF-GCCA Cold Chain Pavilion

Join a group of cold chain logistics suppliers in the Movimat Expo ABIAF-GCCA Cold Chain Pavilion. This 150 square meter pavilion will feature a collection of exhibitors focused solely on the global cold chain, including 3PL providers, materials handling companies, refrigeration equipment suppliers, and more.

Sponsors of the ABIAF-GCCA Cold Chain Symposium (CCS) automatically receive a booth at the ABIAF-GCCA Cold Chain Pavilion at Movimat.

Contact Richard Tracy, Vice President of International Programs, GCCA, at or +1 703 373 4300 for more information on exhibiting.