IARW Warehouse Member Benefits

  • Education & Training Opportunities

    IARW-WFLO Annual Convention & Expo

    The IARW-WFLO Annual Convention and Expo brings together over 600 of the world's leading public refrigerated warehousing and logistics professionals for educational sessions, a world-class expo, and networking.

    WFLO Institute

    The WFLO Institute is a four-day industry-specific program for public refrigerated warehousing (PRW) professionals offering more than 40 classes taught by leading experts in the refrigerated warehousing industry. The curriculum takes students through the food industry, supply chain and logistics field, and cold storage warehousing.

    Global Cold Chain Alliance Assembly of Committees

    Held annually in Washington, DC, the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) Assembly of Committees is where members from every sector of the cold chain unite to solve critical industry problems and strategize for the future. Each committee is dedicated to addressing issues that impact one particular area of the cold chain and require association response or direction.

    European Cold Chain Logistics Education Program & Trade Show

    Hosted by the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association, a GCCA Affiliate Partner, this annual program includes a comprehensive technical program and trade show focused on the European cold chain market.

    ICE (India Cold Chain Expo)

    The India Cold Chain Expo, also known as ICE, was the first cold chain conference to be held in India. The program includes educational sessions and popular expo and provides an invaluable opportunity for Indian cold chain professionals to connect with their international counterparts.Food Logistics Forum The Food Logistics Forum, co-hosted by the American Frozen Food Institute and the Global Cold Chain Alliance, provides the solutions and connections needed to navigate today's increasingly complex cold chain. Frozen food industry leaders from production, foodservice, retail, and 3PL providers gather annually for this essential event.

    North American Chapters

    IARW North American Chapter Meetings are grassroots meetings held annually throughout North America. In one or two day sessions, Chapter members address common legislative, regulatory, and operational hurdles and share proven business solutions. Each Chapter provides targeted programming on the issues and trends impacting that specific region.


    Periodically, the association offers webinars that cover current cold chain trends or new technologies. These one hour webinars are often free or offered at a very low –cost and provide members a convenient educational opportunity.

    Online Training

    The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) Online Training Library, powered by DuPont Training Solutions, offers a convenient and efficient way to train employees in safety management, human resources compliance, and other operational best practices. The GCCA Online Training Library delivers 80 individualized, self-paced courses that can be accessed on-demand, 24/7. Courses are available to members for only $35 per access.
  • Marketing & Communications

    Global Cold Chain Directory

    IARW warehouse members receive a listing for each facility and their headquarters in the annual Global Cold Chain Directory. Published in conjunction with the other GCCA Core Partners, the Directory includes over 500 pages of cold chain providers and is the sourcebook for over 3,000 cold chain professionals and customers searching for cold chain solutions. A searchable, electronic format is also available online.

    IARW and WFLO Logos

    All members may use the association's member logo(s) on their website(s), stationery, advertising or other printed material as a visible "seal of quality." All members also receive a set of membership plaques to display onsite.

    Industry Advertising & Exposure

    Over the years, IARW has worked to develop professional relationships with the food industry trade press. Through these relationships, the association works to promote the public refrigerated warehousing (PRW) industry and the competence of its members throughout the year via advertisements and articles. Members are also invited to submit press releases, contribute white papers, write articles, or submit article ideas for inclusion in association publications.

    COLD FACTS Magazine

    The bimonthly COLD FACTS magazine is a direct link to 3,000 of the top decision-makers in the international cold chain. COLD FACTS is the definitive resource for the Core Partners of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, delivering association news, member news, market intelligence, and reports on the latest cold chain trends and advances.

    Cold Connection eNewsletter

    The weekly Cold Connection eNewsletter provides up-to-date industry and association news. Any employee of a member company may subscribe to Cold Connection.
  • Technical Resources

    WFLO Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)

    SAC is a select body of eminent scientists, each a leader in a specific area of food technology, food science, food economics, or logistics. Since 1943, SAC has helped and advised IARW-WFLO members through research projects, technical manuals, and a member inquiry service.

    Inquiry Service

    Send your questions dealing with any aspect of the cold chain operations — from legal matters to food science — directly to headquarters where staff works with industry experts and scientists to provide answers, typically within one business day.


    Each member facility receives a full complement of IARW-WFLO manuals, including:
    • Operations Manual
    • Warehouse Administration Manual
    • Commodity Storage Manual
    • Crisis Management Manual
    • Maintenance & Modernization Manual
    • Energy Conservation Manual
    • Productivity and Benchmarking Report
    This biannual survey and correlating report, available free-of-charge to participating members, present a complete picture of practices in North American public refrigerated warehouses, providing important benchmarks in the areas of finance, operations and employee wages.
  • Government Affairs


    The IARW staff monitors both Congressional and regulatory activity, as well as selected state and local jurisdictions. Through contacts on Capitol Hill and at federal agencies, IARW keeps members abreast of issues including regulatory compliance, food safety, energy, tax, small business matters, security requirements, and other topics which impact the temperature-controlled logistics industry through articles and educational programs.


    IARW gives members a voice in Washington, DC, liaising with government decision makers and providing members with tools to proactively influence public policy impacting the cold chain industry. IARW also actively participates in coalitions in Washington and works closely with allied organizations to promote policies beneficial to the temperature-controlled logistics industry. IARW staff is on call to respond to questions and help members through the regulatory maze, working to ensure that the temperature-controlled logistics industry is not subjected to onerous and unreasonable requirements.
  • International Outreach

    Cold Chain Development

    Through a growing number of government-funded projects through WFLO, IARW actively contributes to increasing awareness of cold chain issues. With assessments, training, design and feasibility studies, the organization works to ensure the growth of a strong industry, which means higher quality and volume of product and a greater number of business opportunities.

    Consultancy Opportunities

    With a growing number of development projects to implement, WFLO regularly seeks short-term technical assistance from member companies. Participating members gain invaluable insight into the state of the cold chain in developing countries, as well as the opportunity to make industry contacts in nations with growing economies.
  • Service Partner Programs*

    Ammonia Refrigeration Training, Lanier Technical College

    Lanier Technical College offers IARW-WFLO members a 10% discount on all ammonia refrigeration classroom/lab based training courses. Courses at Lanier Tech include: Operator Level 1, Operator Level 2, Operator Level 3, Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Ammonia for Non-Operators, PSM/RMP, HazMat, and Introduction to Industrial Maintenance.

    Energy Efficiency Partner, Cascade Energy

    Cascade Energy offers all members energy efficiency services. Energy Efficiency services are defined as: Energy Management, Capital Project Engineering Support, New Construction & Expansion Engineering Support.

    Insurance, The Lockton Companies

    Members receive exclusive eligibility for warehouseman's legal liability, property and casualty insurance from The Lockton Companies. These policies are specifically designed by and for PRWs offering a superior program at a competitive price. Insurance and assistance is can also be provided to IRTA and IACSC companies.

    Discount Freight Program, UPS

    UPS Freight offers members an Association Shipment Program on qualifying LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipments. Enrollment is free, with no obligations or minimum shipping requirements. The UPS Freight Savings Program applies to shipments weighing 150 lbs to 20,000 lbs that are; shipments billed collect to your company, prepaid shipments from your company, and shipments billed to your company as a third party. *IARW Service Partner programs are offered to members at discounted rates by the partnering entity.