2015 Don Schlimme Future Leader Award Winner

Joey Williams (left), accepts the award from Kurt Schlimme, and Frank Plant, WFLO Chairman. Joey Williams (left), accepts the award from Kurt Schlimme, and Frank Plant, WFLO Chairman.

Joey Williams, Warehouse Manager - Nordic Logistics & Warehousing, LLC, was named the winner of the 2015 Don Schlimme Young Leader Award.

Involved in the temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics industry since 2004, Joey Williams worked his way up from an ice cream picker on third shift to a full-time Warehouse Manager at Nordic Logistics & Warehousing, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Williams enjoyed working in the industry for three reasons: taking part in a wealth of learning and teaching opportunities, navigating new and exciting challenges everyday, and investing in something that the world would always need - food storage and distribution. Williams' vision for the future of the industry includes helping to deliver safe, quality food to the most remote corners of the world. According to Williams, there is room for the industry to grow to reach the ultimate goal of ending world hunger.

Williams was nominated for the award by leaders at Nordic Logistics & Warehousing, LLC., - Don Schoenl, President & CEO; Gary Holt, Senior Vice President of Distribution; and Chris Austin, Senior Vice President of SE Production. He followed a rigorous nomination process that included writing an essay, submitting a resume, and collecting letters of recommendation. As a nominee, Williams was invited to attend the 51st WFLO Institute and deliver a presentation, alongside three additional nominees for the Don Schlimme Award. Williams was named the winner shortly after the presentations.

As part of the award, Williams will receive a stipend to attend the 124th IARW-WFLO Convention & Expo, taking place April 25-29 in Orlando, Florida. He will participate in the WFLO Learning Lounge: Focus on Young Professionals, as a presenter and compete alongside the young leader winners of the Frank Vale Award, Australia, and the Peter Worthington Award, South Africa for the GCCA NextGen Award. The winner of the GCCA NextGen Award will be named shortly thereafter.

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