IACSC Built by the Best Award

Members of the International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC) are the leading experts in building the cold chain, from cold storage warehouses and distribution centers to food processing plants. The IACSC Award was designed to acknowledge their expertise and innovative ideas, while recognizing the project teams moving the industry forward in the design and construction of temperature-controlled facilities. Details are continued below. 

The 2018 award submission process will launch in spring 2018. 

Submitting an Application

The 2018 award submission process will launch in spring 2018. Questions may be directed to Laura Poko, Director of Marketing & Communications, IACSC-GCCA, at lpoko@gcca.org.

Award Eligibility

This award is open to project teams comprised of Contractor/Design-Build companies and Processor/End-User/Warehouse/Third-Party Logistics companies that meet the following criteria: 

  • Contractor or design-build company must be an IACSC member. Processor/End User/Warehouse/Third-Party Logistics company does not need to be a member. See the full list of IACSC Members*. (*as of June 19, 2017)

  • Representative from customer company (processor, end-user, warehouse, etc.) is required to present alongside contractor or design/build company at annual IACSC Conference & Expo. Award candidates that are not able to present at the conference with members from both sides of the project are disqualified from winning.

  • Project may only include new building or expansion of existing buildings only. Retrofit projects will not be accepted.

  • Building must maintain a temperature-controlled environment.

  • Teams must have completed a new build or expansion within the timeframe designated at time of submission process launch.

  • Submission must be received by the submission deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

  • Project must have been completed on or ahead of schedule.

Submission Requirements

Project teams must complete the application process within the submission period. No late applications will be accepted.

Submission Deadline: Coming soon!


Application Process

All teams must complete the application form in full with all signatures of permission for all project team members.  A detailed explanation of the project must be provided. Special consideration will be paid to project complexity, challenges overcome, innovation, sustainability, cold chain impact, and contribution to society. Participation by IACSC members in addition to the contractor/design-build firm will be noted. Photos and client testimonials are encouraged.

IACSC Member Participation 30  
Project Complexity 20  
Innovation 20  
Project Management 20  
Sustainability Consideration 5  
Contribution to larger society or temperature-controlled supply chain 5  
Total 100  

Judging Process

Applications will be assessed during a formal scorecard review process conducted by the Selection Panel (made up of members of the IACSC Marketing & Brand Awareness Committee).


If you have questions about the award, submission process, or anything else related to the IACSC Built by the Best Award, please contact Laura Poko at lpoko@gcca.org.