IACSC supports the needs and interests of organizations involved in the construction of cold storage facilities.


IACSC will promote and strengthen the cold storage construction industry.


Founded in 1978, IACSC represents contractors and suppliers in the cold storage construction industry. IACSC provides a forum for innovative ideas, promotes standards of practice, hosts professional education programs, and promotes the interests of the industry in political, legal and regulatory arenas. Today, IACSC has members all over the world and is a Core Partner of the Global Cold Chain Alliance.


In 1978, a small group of insulation contractors gathered to discuss the formation of an association representing contractors who serve the specific needs of the cold storage industry. Within a year, the National Association of Cold Storage Insulation Contractors was incorporated and its founding Board of Directors was named. The purpose and objectives were soon refined, and in 1981 the first annual conference was held, as well as other educational programs. A Technical Committee was formed to serve the membership and industry studies, a building code and specific publications were developed. In 1987, the name was changed to International Association of Cold Storage Contractors and soon the bylaws were amended to allow the creation of UK Division. In 2002, another name change was made to International Association for Cold Storage Construction to invite a broader membership and give all members equal status.