Building A Better Design-Build Process

5 Years of Research, Development and Testing by Evapco

The Evapcold technology has been put through 5 years of robust and continuous run testing by Evapco and has yielded very successful results and very reliable product operation. It has resulted in ultra reliable and efficient low charge ammonia packages that are revolutionizing the industry.

In addition, a third-party company, Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS) has been conducting 2 years of successful testing of Evapcold packages. This was partially funded and supported by Southern California Edison (SCE) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), for the purpose of developing energy efficiency rebate programs for using this technology as well as predefined electric demand response programs for the refrigerated warehouse industry.


A Diverse, Growing Product Line & Installed Base

Evapcold units have been successfully applied to a diverse set of applications and end users including cold storages, high rise cold storages, dairies, food processing facilities and chemical plants.

Source: Cold Facts Fall 2019 Edition