Learn About Our Work in Central America

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Learn More About Our Office in Central America

Representing all of Central and South America, GCCA Latin America provides invaluable resources, programs, and services to nearly 200 companies and temperature-controlled facilities in the region. Contact GCCA Latin America to learn more.

Learn More About WFLO Projects in Central America

Below is a list of projects completed in the region over the last five years through the research and education am of GCCA, The World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO).

Dominican Republic: Rural Economic Diversification (RED) Project

The objective of the USAID-funded Rural Economic Diversification (RED) Project was to support small farmers in diversifying their production to enable them to become more competitive in global markets. Under the RED project, WFLO mobilized a postharvest specialist and a refrigerated engineer who completed a detailed analysis of the current cold chain industry in the Dominican Republic. The report identified where the cold chain needed to be improved for the safe transport and consumption perishable products. In addition, the report detailed what steps need to be taken by the RED Project and Dominican cold chain industry representatives and provided recommendations and justification for future technical assistance.

Guatemala: Cold Storage Assessment

WFLO conducted an assessment of and made recommendations for cold storage facilities in Guatemala. Completed in collaboration with Michigan State University, the project provided valuable assistance and guidance to cold storage facilities in Guatemala, enabling them to increase their production and avoid wasteful (and largely avoidable) perishing of fresh foods such as rambutans, snow peas, and snap beans.

Nicaragua: Partnership for Food Industry Development

WFLO worked with the LSU Ag Center and the Cooperative League of the United States of America to implement a three-year development program for the meat, seafood, and poultry industries in Nicaragua. The project included identification and adoption of a postharvest technology for a cold chain company.

question-markFor questions about international development opportunities, please contact Richard Tracy (rtracy@gcca.org) or Amanda Brondy (abrondy@gcca.org) at +1 703 373 4300.