Learn More About WFLO Projects in Northern Africa

Morocc_orange cold store and packhouseBelow is a list of just some of the projects completed in the region over the last five years through the research and education am of GCCA, The World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO).

Egypt: Cold Chain Feasibility Study

As part of an assessment for the Egyptian Ministry of Transportation, WFLO postharvest advisers and cold storage engineers completed a design and business plan for a pack house facility and a cold store facility in Luxor, Egypt. The objective of the project was to help rural communities in Upper Egypt by expanding and sustaining jobs and incomes through increased exports of perishable fruits and vegetable crops.

Morocco: Economic Competitiveness Project

In close collaboration with the USAID-funded Morocco Economic Competitiveness Project, WFLO is conducting a series of activities that are designed to identify and promote potential cold chain investment opportunities in Morocco. For questions about international development opportunities, please contact Richard Tracy (rtracy@gcca.org) or Amanda Brondy (abrondy@gcca.org) at +1 703 373 4300.