Transportation Track

The Transportation Track at the WFLO Institute is a four-day premier training for professionals managing transportation at a logistics company. This training exposes attendees to all elements of running a transportation business, whether it’s asset-based or non-asset-based. Attendees have the opportunity to leverage the rich content of the WFLO Institute in addition to new, specific courses designed for transportation professionals. The transportation certificate will feature nearly 30 courses taught by top industry leaders, network with their peers, and broaden their industry understanding by developing knowledge and skills they can implement immediately.

WHEN: January 27-31, 2018

WHERE: In conjunction with the WFLO Institute at the Georgia Tech Conference Center & Hotel, Atlanta, GA

WHO ATTENDS: Attendees of this training include individuals managing transportation at a logistics company. This includes managers who are securing transportation, managing transportation assets, and consolidating or brokering loads.

Interested in Attending?

Please contact Millicent Johnson at +1 703 373 4300 or for information on how to register.


Transportation Basics Introduction to Transportation Law
Intro to GCCA/Accessing Your Resources Change Management
Transportation & Warehousing Fuel & Fuel Management
Leadership Development GFSI: Food Safety
Supply Chain Basics Transportation Security
Customer Service Essentials Transportation Technologies
Fundamentals of Food Storage & Preservation Transportation Regulations & Your Job
Risk Management: Transportation Exposures Operations and Metrics: What to Track
Carrier Relationships Transportation & Government Agencies
Food Safety: STF, HACCP, FSMA Employee Training for Safety
Business Writing Skills Behavioral Interviewing
Transportation Safety Employment Best Practices & Liabilities
Budgeting & Financial Controls in Transportation Introduction to International Business & the Cold Chain
Emotional Intelligence Case Studies in Transportation Law
Managing & Motivating Human Performance

*Bolded courses are newly developed.