Cold Chain Innovations


When GCCA member NewCold decided to open its first fully automated cold storage warehouse in the United States, one of its challenges was to select the right fire-protection solution. The use of traditional fire sprinkler systems in automated high-bay warehouses is not an option because sprinklers decrease the high-cube utilization unique to automated warehouses.

NewCold knew it wanted an oxygen reduction system that prevents fires from starting, as this was already a key component in NewCold facilities around the world. The solution was provided by GCCA member Wagner, a leader in fire safety and prevention, and a technology it utilized called OxyReduct®.

Rather than reacting to fires after they occur, the system offers a patented oxygen reduction solution to prevent the threat before it materializes. Using existing ambient air to produce nitrogen for fire prevention, it provides maximum protection in an eco-friendly, costeffective way.

The advantages of OxyReduct over sprinklers are protection of stored products from contamination, or damage or loss from fire, smoke, water, and other extinguishing agents. “Our goal always is to create efficient warehouses with safe working environments,” notes Jonas Swarttouw, COLD CHAIN INNOVATIONS NEW FIRE PREVENTION SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATED WAREHOUSES U.S. Country Manager, NewCold. “While utilizing OxyReduct doesn’t save us money upfront -- the operating costs are higher than a sprinkler system – it does significantly decrease the probability of damage by fire and is part of our risk management strategy.”