COLD FACTS, January-February 2013

In the January-February 2013 issue, learn how your company can drive profits through reducing your energy spend.

The Social Chain

The cold chain industry enters the social media era with caution and calculation.
By Alexandra Walsh

Cool People

Juan Carlos Cuglievan, Executive President Agroempaques

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On the Cover

Brazil: Land of Transport Opportunities

Brazil is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and one of the top 20 markets in the world for the cold storage industry. Although...

In the Issue

Reliability and Savings with Cogeneration

Containerized onsite cogeneration offers a twist on traditional CHP systems that may reduce energy costs and improve reliability for cold...

2012 Election: Regulatory Implications for the Cold Chain

The Obama Administration’s second term will likely be filled with new regulatory requirements placed on the cold chain industry and across...

Profitable Sustainability: The Energy Component

Whether it’s investing in retrofit projects, engaging in new construction or committing to a Strategic Energy Management plan, sustainable...

Private Equity Partnering

After this past election cycle, it is unlikely that anyone has come out the other side without some impression of private equity firms....