January 26, 2021 4:00PM to 5:00PM

GCCA South Africa Webinar: Considerations & Options for Solar at Refrigerated Warehouses


Join us as we look at Solar PV as a technology by summarising the technologies and process that turns sunlight into usable energy, with specific reference to cold storage facilities. The various factors that influence price and performance will be discussed, along with common misconceptions and hidden costs. The numerous contractual options will be addressed as well as the regulatory processes that govern them. Lastly, we will look toward the future and to carbon neutral cooling facilities. Please be sure to prepare your questions for the question and answer section at the end.

Presenter: Charl du Plessis – Head of Business Development at Energy Partners

If you are unable to attend, please continue to register for the event as a recording will be made available to all registered members.

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