December 09, 2021 10:00AM

Opportunities to develop 3PL cold storage in the Dominican Republic



Time posted in EST. Complimentary attendance for all.


WFLO and GCCA member LixCap have identified market opportunities for cold storage investment at air and maritime ports in the Dominican Republic. These investment opportunities will be presented with a spotlight on Caucedo Port, which has been identified as having the highest potential for third-party cold chain logistics providers.

This webinar is part of the Trade Safe (TraSa) project funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is presented in collaboration with the International Executive Services Corps (IESC). TraSa’s goal is to build the capacity of government institutions and advance the country’s SPS and food safety system by supporting the implementation of science- and risk-based SPS and food safety measures, standards, and regulations leading to improved efficiency, coordination, and transparency of the commercialization, trade, and safety of food and agricultural products. The project also supports the development of cold chain policies in context of the domestic market and international trade.


  • Learn about the important role of the Dominican Republic in regional supply chains for fruits and vegetables in Latin America and Central America
  • See the results and evaluate the capabilities of a typical WFLO international program that may be available to support your business interests in other emerging markets



Matthew Meredith, Managing Principal, LixCap

Manuel Cabrera Kabana, Vice Chairman, IARW

Chloe Hite, Research Analyst, LixCap


Amanda Brondy



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